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National flag of Mauritania Message to visitors of the website

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mauritania to JapanAllow me, at the outset, to express, on my own behalf and on behalf of my colleagues at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in Tokyo, our sincere, warmest and respectful greetings to the visitors of our website. This website is meant to give visitors some useful information pertaining to some aspects of life in Mauritania, including history, geographical specifications, economic potentialities, business opportunities cultural heritage and tourism.

Mauritania, known as a ‘cradle of peace’ is geographically located in a strategic position (crossroad between North Africa and Sub-saharan Africa). It presents huge investment potentialities which are constantly expanding, with its huge mineral resources (gold, iron ore, copper, diamond and so on…), its Fisheries resources (+750km of coast, one of the richest in sea food products world wide: such as tuna, squids, octopus and so on) and its important farming capacities.

Japan and Mauritania are long-standing friends and share mutual commitment to common ideals of peace and security. Japan established diplomatic relations with Mauritania since the independence in 1960. Also the government of japan contributes generously to the development of Mauritania through its Official Aid as well as its positive impact in vital sectors such as infrastructures, food and security, fisheries, health and education. Mauritania, for its part, actively supports Japanese policy on the international scene through mutual trust between the two countries, based on long-standing cooperation.

I am glad that I can avail myself of this opportunity to express, on behalf of the people and government of Islamic Republic of Mauritania, our sincere thanks and appreciation for all the support Mauritania has been receiving from the friendly people and government of the country of the Rising Sun.

  El Hacen Mohamed Eleyatt
Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to Japan

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